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am i.. th from the Freight Transport Association's legal department

11th December 1997
Page 56
Page 56, 11th December 1997 — am i.. th from the Freight Transport Association's legal department
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to highlight laws in the pipeline. He is unable to take telephone calls at CM's offices but written enquiries will be passed on.


The Road Vehicles (Construction and Use) (Amendment) (No6) Regulations 1996. CIF 1 July 1997. Provides exemptions from a number of C&U regulations for vehicles with a Ministry-approved certificate.

The Motor Vehicles (Type Approval) (Great Britain) (Amendment) (No2) Regulations 1996. CIF 1 July 1997. Extends Type Approval regulations to include motor ambulances, motor caravans, personally imported passenger vehicles and amateurbuilt passenger vehicles.

The Motor Vehicles (Type Approval) (Great Britain) (Amendment) Regulations 1997. CIF 30 June 1997. Postpones the requirements relating to approved certificates (see above from 1 July 1997 to 1January 1998.

The Motor Vehicles (Type Approval for

Goods Vehicles) (Great Britain) (Amendment) (No2) Regulations 1996. CIF 1 July 1997. Amends the Type Approval regulations to establish a scheme to approve the construction of single light vehicles before they are brought into service.

The Road Vehicles lighting (Amendment) Regulations 1996. CIF 1 July 1997. Amends the lighting regulations for passenger vehicles subject to a Ministry-approved certificate.

The Goods Vehicles (Plating and Testing) !Amendment) (No2) Regulations 1997. CIF 1 April 1997. Amends the Plating and Testing Regulations to exempt vehicles subject to a certificate of conformity or a Ministryapproved certificate from having a first examination and extends the validity period of a test certificate.

The Road Vehicles (Construction and Use) (Amendment) Regulations 1997. CIF 1 October 1997. Require cab notices where the overall travelling height of the vehicle exceeds 3m and automatic warning devices from 1 April/1 October 1998 (dependent upon the age of the vehicle) when power operated high-level equipment is fitted.

The Motor Vehicles (Type Approval for

Goods Vehicles) (Great Britain) (Amend it) Regulations 1997. OF 30 June 1997. Makes it an offence to use a vehicle without a Type Approval certificate.

The Motor Vehicles (Approval (Amendment) Regulations 1997. CIF 30 June 1997. Provides for the replacement of Minister's approval certificate and postpones the date of implementation to 1 January 1998, A separate regulation prescribes the fees payable.

The Road Vehicles (Construction and Use) (Amendment) (No5) Regulations 1997_ CIF 1 August 1997. Amends design, construction and equipment relating to emissions applicable to certain classes of vehicle.

The Motor Vehicles (EC Type Approval) (Amendment) (No2) Regulations 1997. CIF 16 July 1997. Exempts certain vehicles from the requirements of having a valid EC certificate of conformity before it can be sold, issued with an excise licence or registered.

Motor Vehicles (Tests) (Amendment) (No2) Regulations 1997. CIF 1 August 1997. Introduces changes to MoT test fees payable; figures include Group 4 to £29.42, Group 5 to £36.15 and Group 7 to £31.60.

The International Carriage of Perishable Foodstuffs (Amendment) Regulations 1997. CIF 11 August 1997. Amends the definition of the term "ATP".

The Vehicle Excise Duty (immobilisation, Removal and Disposal of Vehicles) Regulations 1997. CIF 3 November 1997. Introduces provisions for the immobilisation, removal and disposal of unlicensed motor vehicles found stationary on public roads in England and Wales, replacing earlier regulations.

The Welfare of Animals (Transport) Order 1997. CIF 1 October 1997. Requires all carriers of cattle, sheep, pigs, goats and horses to obtain specific authorisations. The order applies to journeys by road, sea and air and includes provisions for travelling times and rest periods.


• Vehicle dimensions: Changes proposed to C&U regs to allow drawbars up to 18.75m overall length, enforcing EU Directive 96/53. Likely date November 1997.

• Admission to the Occupation: EC proposals to change the professional competence, financial standing and good repute requirements.

• Identification of 0-licensed vehicles: Consultation undertaken by DETR on ways the identification of 0-licensed vehicles could be improved. Options are enhanced identity discs or a national computerised database.

• VED incentives for low-emission vehicles: DETR consulted following the Chancellor's Budget announcement of a concession of up to £500 per year from vehicle excise duty rates for lorries meeting stringent emission standards.

• Second generation tachographs: Common position reached by EU Transport Ministers on a framework regulation. Much technical detail still to be agreed. Earliest possible date for fitment to new vehicles is mid-2000.

• Dangerous goods safety advisers: EC Directive requiring companies involved in the transport or loading/unloading of dangerous goods to appoint a safety adviser by 31 December 1999. Implementing legislation expected by mid-1998 to allow time for the training and examination of advisers.

• The White Paper on the Working Time Directive: Sets out proposals for applying the principles of the Directive to the excluded sectors, including road transport. Unspecified new limits on driving time and other work.

• Animal Transport New EU type approval measures proposed for the construction of vehicle bodywork. Likely implementation November 1998.


Organisations: European Union

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