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Row goes on and on

10th October 1981
Page 5
Page 5, 10th October 1981 — Row goes on and on
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THE CONTINUING argumt over the Road Transport Ind try Training Board's decision spend £1.25m of retail indus levies to recruit additional prentices has been fired up ly letter from Alan Dix, direct general of the Motor Agents' sociation.

Mr Dix maintained the fi that there was no consulta6 with the MAA before the pla were dispatched. Although accepted that there was a mei ber of the Association present the meeting (CM September 1! the recruitment scheme w discussed in only vague tern. Harry Jackson, the MAA's rept sentative there, warned ti other Board members that if was not the time for anoth grant scheme in view of the i dustry's present situation.

Mr Dix went on to say: ' additional apprentice recru ment is so important, why is restricted to those who will par cipate in accelerated or int grated training as against tha on day release?

"The Association has alreac heard from some bewilderE managements that because the apprentice intake this year is lel than last year's, they could ni qualify for additional gran1 even if they wished to do so."

In summing up, Mr Dix calks for the replenishment of th skilled labour force to be left t individual managements.


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